Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tutorial Five: Video Production Sessions

I think that YouTube is very fun and acctually wuite helpful. There is lots of different things that you can do with YouTube, mostly based around movie or video technology. There are alot of entertaining clips on YouTube and there is something for anyone. There is also alot of helpful things, if you are looking for a video guide on how to do something then YouTube is the place to look from cooking tips:
to how not to drive a truck
There is almost a video for everything on YouTube.

There is also a part of YouTube where user can make a profile and pick their favourite clips or upload their own clips. You can pick your favourite clips and post them on your page so that other people can see them and comment on them.
I think that YouTube is not only a great way to learn things and have fun but it is also a way to stay in touch with what your friends like.

My second fieldwork was in a home for people with Alzheimers and Dementia. Alzheimers is a very interesting disease and I am going to use YouTube to help explain it to you. :)

Alxheimers is a slow onset degenerative disease that involves foreign proteins in the brain that slowly destroy parts of the brain.

The above clip shows the important things that newly diagnosed patients need to do, in relation to occupation I think that joining a support group and also having family support are very important things.

The above video is so sad!! :(, This old lady is so gorgeous, she sings "Jesus Loves Me" so clear and she knows all the words the first time and in the last clip she does not even register to the man singing the song.
This shows the progression of Alzheimer's. With this lady she degenerated quite quickly with her not regitering to the song within three years of singing it totally clearly. It is different with every Alzheimer's patient, they can degenerate slowly or quickly.

These are three main points about Alzheimers.

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