Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tutorial Seven

Today in class we were taught how to add links ► on that side of the page. I then had to comment on the page of one of my classmates who I had linked with. If you go to the link that says Nancy Pants then you will see that I have commented on her Tutorial one post.
I am linked with five of my classmates and also to google, which is handy and to our YouTube video which you can also see ↓ down there somewhere.

Now we are going to play a little game... this game is see if you can guess what part of this page is shown in these pictures. These pictures were taken using the snipping tool on the computer. This tool is useful if there is something interesting online that you may want to refer to later, you can snip it to an image and save it to the computer.




If you are smart and can guess tham all then congratulations :)

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